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Discover Velvet, a cherished boba tea and rolled ice cream haven nestled in the heart of Charlotte's Ballantyne area. Founded on Thanksgiving of 2022 by Prasad Linga and his family, every creation at Velvet is a labor of love, infused with quality and care. From our organic ingredients to our diverse flavors, including unique Fruit Boba Teas, Milk Teas, Rolled ice creams, Sundaes and much more where each sip and bite promises a journey of taste and tradition. Step into Velvet Charlotte and experience the warmth of family, the magic of flavor, and the joy of genuine hospitality.


Add a blast of flavor to your events with our variety of delicious boba teas, rolled ice creams, shakes, and other fusion drinks. Be it a small gathering or a grand event, we make sure your guests have a Quali-tea time. Delight your guests with our tasty, fruity, and sloshy desserts made with organic ingredients.

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