Dessert Catering in Charlotte

Make your event memorable with something that everyone will love!

Wheather you're planning a large corporate event, a birthday celebration, a wedding or a small intimate gathering, our unique offerings are sure to elevate your event to a sweet and memorable experience.

Our desserts are a visual and a culinary masterpiece , crafted right before your eyes on a frozen surface. Indulge your guests with the perfect blend of taste, creativity, and entertainment by choosing our Rolled Ice Cream and Boba Team Catering in Charlotte region.

Contact us today to discuss your event details, and let us turn your celebration into a sweet and memorable experience.

Live Station
• We offer Live Station for Boba Tea, Sundae’s and Rolled Ice-Cream.
• $500 for Live Station set-up.
• Includes 50 cups of servings. Each additional cup $6.
• Choose up to 2 flavors. Add more flavors for additional charge of $50 per Flavor.
• Two toppings, straws, cups, lids, spoons and ice included.
• Complimentary 2 hours station at event - onsite serving. Time add-on available with additional charges.
• Boba Tea served in 12 oz cup, 3 Rolls of Rolled Ice-cream served in 8 oz cup and
• Sundae’s served in 5 oz cup.
• There can be event customization such as customized stickers on the dispenser and/or cups (subject to an additional cost). Requires 2 to 3 weeks notice.
• No Travel charge within 15 mile radius. Can travel outside boundary for an additional fee of $100.
• Tax will be added to the final Invoice.

Boba Teas To-Go

$65 + Taxes per Gallon

• Serves around 12-15 people (12 oZ cups)
• One Topping included
• Cups and straws provided
• Ice not included
• Pick-up only
• Boba Tea will be provided in 1 Gallon to-go container
• Requires one-weeks notice

Boba Teas By Cup

$150 + Taxes per Set

• 25 Cups (16 oZ) in one set 
• Choose one flavor & one topping for each set
• Free Delivery within 15 miles radius. Can travel outside boundary for an additional fee of $25
• Requires one-weeks notice


Boba Tea Party Box

$275 + Taxes

• 3 Gallons of Boba Tea serves around 40-45 people (12 oZ cups)
• Two toppings included. Choose one or two flavors.
• Complete set-up with tablecloth, ice, beverage dispenser, boba cups and straws. We will come to collect the items once the event is completed. 
• Free service within 15 miles radius. Can travel outside boundary for an additional fee of $50
• Requires one-weeks notice